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Alinco DJ-10  (Brochure P1 / P2)

Alinco Portable Radio                        

In the line of the Japanese portable radio Alinco even the most discerning user will be able to find a functional tool of communication for their tasks. High quality modern circuit design, high power output, themaximum saturation of functional, durable compact body standard MIL-810 - and all this at an affordable price.

The company Alinco, founded in 1938 in Japan, today holds a leading position in the market of radio communications and keeps up with modern trends, embodying them into practice in their progressive equipment.

Portable radio Alinco DJ-A10

Professional worn transceiver Alinco DJ-A10 - quality tools due to the world-famous Japanese Alinco corporation with a long history. An amazing combination of advanced circuit design of high-level, rich functionality, other than receiving and transmitting performance and affordable price.

The radio operates in the commercial radio frequency band 136-174 MHz with the classical output power to 5 watts and the ability to manage all of the extensive functionality directly from the keyboard. When used for official purposes have handy built-inversion scrambler that securely encrypt your conversations, the frequency repeater offset sub tone choose any of the three levels of power output, set the threshold squelch operation and the timer time limit transmission change the grid frequency scanning modes to choose to send a 1750-Hz tone call, and more.

Management of functional radio Alinco DJ-A10 divided into two menus. First, the classic is available to the user from the normal operating mode, there are the most popular common and useful functions. Second, a system in which the user can activate and deactivate the fundamental modes, is available after pressing and holding the function key while turning the radio. Such a system allows structured access to the activation of a functional and necessary task of operating modes radio.

The radio DJ-A10 has two main modes: Pre-saved mode memory channels with the ability to assign a name to each of the professional and the mode in which conditionally limited access to most of the radio settings (programmable from the PC). When you save a channel memory available to the user 128 cells. Of course, each memory channel can contain various frequency transmission and reception set subtone CTCSS / DCS and other necessary settings. The ability to select one of three levels of power output will help control the transmission range, coupled with preservation of the battery for long battery life.

General specifications of Alinco DJ-A10:

Frequency range: 136-174 MHz;
RF output power up to 5 watts;
RF power levels: Hi / Mid / Low;
Memory channels: 128 ;
A built-in inversion scrambler;
Voice compander;
feature to work in a whisper;
Settings DTMF;
3 color backlight;
Configuring backlight;
emergency alarm;
Panic alarm at the frequency with the transfer;
voice prompts;
selection of wide and narrow band channel;
function VOX (only with original VOX-set);
Programmable buttons;
built-in flashlight;
Adjustable Squelch
Beep (Roger Beep)
Monitoring two channels (Dual Watch)
Keypad Lock
Detachable antenna
Programmable keys
PC programming
Low battery indicator
Jobs in repeater mode
Selecting the power level
Priority Scan
Tone coding system CTCSS / DCS
Lock work on a busy channel
Indication of the level of the received signal
Backlit LCD display
Headset jack / speaker

    Alinco DJ-A10 with;

      Battery EBP-87: 7.4 Volt, Li-Ion 1500 mAh;
      Charger type: EDC-189;
      Adapter 220V EDC-191E;
      Antenna: EA-211 VHF with SMA-connector;
      Clip with fastening screws;
      Hand strap;
      Instruction in English.

General characteristics of radio

Frequency band RX / TX 136.000 ~ 174.000 MHz 
Number of Channels 128
Frequency spacing 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 kHz
Supply voltage DC 7.4V 20%
Duration of work More than 14 hours (EBP-87, 1500 mAh)
More than 16 hours (EBP-88, 1700 mAh)
Frequency Stability 2.5ppm
Temperature range from -20 C to + 50 C
Dimensions 240 x 58 x 35 mm, with battery and antenna
Weight 227 g with battery and antenna
Compliance to protect against dust and moisture IP54
Vibration and shock (MIL STD 810G) MIL STD 810G (military standard USA)
Procedures: Blow - 514,6 / I, IV.
Vibration - 516,6 / I.


  Wide Band Narrow Band
Receiver Type Superheterodyne dual-conversion
Sensitivity 10 dB SINAD 0.25 uV 0.35 uV
Adjacent channel attenuation 70dB 60dB
Intermodulation 65dB 60dB
Spurious signals 70dB 70dB
Sound band +1 ~ -3dB (0.3 ~ 3 kHz) +1 ~ -3dB (0.3 ~ 2.55 khz)
The noise and interference 45dB 40dB
Distortion 5%
Audio output 1,000 mW at 10%

Transmitter (ETSI EN 300 086 standard test)

  Wide Band Narrow Band
Output power 5/2 / 0.5 W
Modulation 16K0F3E 11K50F3E
Harmonic Suppression 70dB 60dB
Interference and noise 40dB 36dB
Spurious emissions -36dB -36dB
Sound band +1 ~ -3dB (0.3 ~ 3 kHz) +1 ~ -3dB (0.3 ~ 2.55 khz)
Distortion 5%
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